Policy and Advocacy

 Global rights workshop  with Oxfam

About  Our Programme

The program is driven by the desire to influence pro-poor national, regional and international policy and legislative frameworks. the unit researches and analyses local, regional and international policies affecting poor communities in developing countries, to help influence policy changes that take into account the needs of the poor.

¨The programme collaborates with Government on various policy formulation processes.  The programme has contributed immensely in drafting of national legislation which include the following:

¤Science and Innovation Act

¤Access and benefit sharing regulations

¤Currently working on the proposed Farmers’ Rights policy and legislation related thereto

¤Currently reviewing   various pieces of legislation regulating conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

¨Take active collaboration with Govt in developing national and regional position papers  on various multi-lateral  instruments (CBD, ITPGRFA, UNFCCC, EPAs)

¨Drafted the Agrarian Land reform Framework for the SADC region

¨Provide legal advice to Government Department as and when necessary or per request.

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