The ZIMCLIFS project funded by DFAT through ILRI, is being implemented in Murehwa district in collaboration with the Department of AGRITEX and Department of Livestock Production of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Department. The project is being implemented in five wards namely ward 4, 11, 14, 27 and 28.  ZIMCLIFS project beneficiaries are communal farmers who practice both crop and livestock production, and focusing on livelihoods and soil fertility enhancement through the growing of forage legumes.

The project aims to improve crop and livestock production in communal areas. To achieve this, trials on the growing of fodder crops to feed livestock are being demonstrated for farmer adoption. The fodder crops are saving multi purposes, including provision of livestock supplementary feeding and soil fertility improvement. In the agronomy trials; farmers are involved in CA practices and mulching with residues promoting minimum soil disturbance and intercropping with legumes which are also important for soil fertility improvement.

ZIMCLIFS initiated Innovation Platforms in the operational wards. The platforms aim to bring new technologies to the farmers. Most farmers are not able to access new technologies in the communal setup due to the challenging economic backgrounds.  However through the ZIMCLIFS project they are now able even to search for viable markets and also to link to other fellow farmers.

On livestock improvement, project members and non-members who adopted the project concepts managed to dry forage legumes and making bales for supplementary feeding in summer. Farmers harvested Mucuna pods for seed production and bailing the residues/ biomass for cattle feed.

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